It’s your right.

Your comments support our deliberations and oversight of Nevada’s environmental programs and rules. We welcome you to participate in formal SEC processes by submitting comments or attending our public meetings, consistent with the Nevada Administrative Procedures Act and the Nevada Open Meeting Law.

How Can I Participate?

  1. Make comments before the commission. To do this, speak in person at upcoming regulatory meetings or appeal hearings or write to us at least five days before the date of a public meeting.
  2. Appeal a final decision made by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. Our appeals follow a legally-defined process, so visit our appeal hearing page to learn about the requirements.
  3. Get updates and announcements about our activities by signing up to our email list. To do this, click “Sign Up” toward the bottom of this page.
  4. Read notices and factsheets about environmental permits on the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection website, which include instructions on how to comment, object, or make requests.
  5. Inspect regulations, documents, and SEC artifacts by studying past meetings and hearings or by visiting the Nevada State Library and Archives website.

Special Assistance

Our goal is to make all SEC proceedings and activities accessible for everyone. Contact us if you need special assistance at our public meetings or on our website.